About Saffran Maroc

My love affair with Morocco and all things Moroccan started with my first visit over 20 years ago. Since then I have been lucky enough to be able to buy a house in the most beautiful and, some say, magical of Moroccan towns.

Over the years, furnishing our Riad with choice objects found in Essaouira's markets and small shops, I have acquired a sound knowledge of what is available, what presents the best price and quality and which trades people (many of whom have become friends) are the most dependable. It has all been such a pleasure as the artisans' tradition is a world away from 21st century mass production. The smallest outing from the Riad is an opportunity to spot a weaver at a loom or a carpenter decorating boxes with intricate marquetry.

Buying from selected local and talented crafts people allows their entire family to be supported which has been a driving force behind starting up 'Saffran Maroc'.

I would love to share my colourful collection of original and authentic hand crafted Moroccan items with you.